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Can Am X3 Remote Battery Terminal Kit

Can Am X3 Remote Battery Terminal Kit

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Nothing is worse than going to start your Can-Am filled with excitement to go riding only to find out your battery is dead. The battery is in an inconvenient spot for jump-starting your X3 which adds to the burden of a dead battery. Agency Power has a simple remote battery terminal kit to alleviate this issue and allow drivers to jump-start their machines with incredible ease. Not only does the Agency Power remote battery terminal kit permit easy jump starting, but also allows for a battery charger to be hooked up.

Moving the seat forward just to have little access to the battery isn't practical when out on a trail or in the dunes. The Agency Power remote terminal kit provides exceptional quality with 4AWG oxygen free copper wiring. EPDM rubber insulates the wiring for a stable connection that can withstand the elements. Both battery cables are capable of handling 140 amps which makes this kit safe to use with a vehicle jump-starting the X3. 100% solid brass terminals provide easy access for cables to attach while resisting corrosion.


  • 4AWG 100% oxygen free copper
  • Simplifies process of jump starting or charging your battery
  • Solid brass terminals prevent corrosion
  • EPDM insulated cables
  • Cables are rated for 140A and 600V
  • Easy installation

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