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Honda Talon Low-Profile Fender Flares

Honda Talon Low-Profile Fender Flares

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Shielded from Flying Dirt
Your Honda Talon’s cab needs protection from the dirt and debris your tires kick up. Assault Industries offers the best possible protection with their Low-Profile Fender Flares for the Honda Talon 1000. They give you an additional 6” of protection on each side for a premium cab experience.
  • Made of 1/8” LDPE for strength and durability
  • Adds 6” of protection to each side
  • Sleek design complements your Talon
LDPE Is the Fender Flare Material You Need
These Talon fender flares are made with 1/8” LDPE. It’s the ideal fender flare material because it’s incredibly durable while being flexible. That means it can withstand strikes from heavy rocks and sticks without breaking.

6 Extra Inches of Premium Protection
Assault’s low-profile fender flares mount to your Talon’s stock flares and extend up to 6” on each side. The extra reach provides premium protection from more of the debris that your wheels kick up.

Sleek Look
These flares are designed to seamlessly match your Talon's look. They mount with custom, machined washers that sport the Assault logo. They’re countersunk too, and offer a professional fit and finish that doesn’t exist on competitors' designs. You want badass? You got it.

WARNING: This product can impact machine operation. Customer and/or user is responsible for ensuring that this product is compatible with their machine as currently configured, properly installed, and understands any impact this product has or might have on the machine's operation.

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Made of extremely durable 1/8” LDPE (low-density polyethylene)
  • Adds up to an additional 6” of protection on each side
  • Protects against rocks, dirt, mud, sand, and other debris
  • Includes all hardware and instructions for easy installation
  • Mounts to OEM fender flares for a sleek, low-profile look
  • Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+
  • Honda Talon 1000X : 2019+
  • Honda Talon 1000X-4 : 2020+


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