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Kawasaki KRX Radius Rod Plate with Hitch Receiver

Kawasaki KRX Radius Rod Plate with Hitch Receiver

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Our Kawasaki KRX Hitch is made from 7 gauge plate steel, and then welded to a 2″ receiver tube along with extra gussets for added strength.   We CNC Laser cut and bend the plate to fit your machine perfect.  Our hitch comes with holes to attach your safety chains also.

We also offer these none powder coated.  The none powder coated ones work great for people that want to weld their rear bumper to the hitch before powder coat.

Each hitch comes with a hitch pins also.


  • Perfect fit
  • Uses existing bolts and holes
  • Laser cut and CNC Bent
  • Powder coated
  • Hitch pin included
  • Made in USA

Kawasaki KRX

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