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Rocky UTV Tire

Rocky UTV Tire

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The MRT Rocky utilizes true Kevlar sidewalls it is able to prevent sidewall punctures that would normally destroy other tires.

Square self-cleaning tread pattern provides the maximum traction in any condition, and superior cornering even in loose debris courses or trails. The most technologically advanced tire on the market.

Super light compared to other 8 and 10 ply nylon tires and up to 400 percent more puncture resistant.

Special durometer rubber wears well and provides excellent traction.

The sidewalls are much stronger because of the Kevlar construction enabling you to regulate your tire pressures for max traction without fear of blowing a tire sidewall.

Pure traction everything about this tire was designed for maximum traction, sidewall durability and versatility.

Self cleaning tread, provides maximum contact patch for the highest levels of traction and cornering characteristics.

Super strong Kevlar construction for maximum sidewall protection, sidewall traction flex and weight reduction.


  • One of a kind Kevlar belt construction, ultimate sidewall puncture performance
  • Optimized with extreme self cleaning deep sidewalls for cornering in soft materials
  • Race engineered for maximum corner stability
  • Kevlar sidewall protection
  • Side biter sidewall tread
  • Anti-Puncture
  • 8 Ply, 1170-1420 lbs load rating performance radials
  • Ready for race, trail and utility work
  • This tire runs great on all terrain


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