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Can Am X3 6AN Fuel Line Billet Fuel Rail

Can Am X3 6AN Fuel Line Billet Fuel Rail

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The aftermarket support for the Can-Am Maverick X3 is plentiful and for a good reason. With such a reliable and powerful platform many owners are finding they take well to modification. One of the limiting factors of making higher power with an X3 is the factory plastic fuel rail. The plastic tends to break down when using ethanol or high octane fuels which can clog your injectors and rob you of horsepower.

Agency Power set out to solve the X3 fueling issue by releasing the billet aluminum fuel rail for -6AN fuel line. Installation of the fuel rail is simple and precise thanks to the 3D scanning and CAD production methods and provides a factory replacement to the cheap plastic fuel rail. Over time the plastic can become brittle and the fuel line clip is notorious for popping off when making higher power levels.

With a billet aluminum construction and CNC machined -6AN fitting, owners are able to upgrade their fuel lines along with improved fuel delivery. Upgrading your fuel lines is ideal for those looking to make big power reliably. It is common for the factory fuel rail to restrict your injectors and provide uneven fueling to cylinder three. The Agency Power billet fuel rail combats this issue by engineering the cap to efficiently flow across all three cylinders.

Upgrading to the Agency Power billet fuel rail will not only provide exceptional fuel flow to all three cylinders but will also lower the chances of a fuel leak and possible fire. Thanks to the ability to run ethanol or race gas in your machine, you can also enjoy cooler engine temperatures. Running these types of fuels will greatly improve engine knock limitations along with lowering the overall combustion temperature.


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • Billet CNC machined 6061 aluminum construction
  • Direct replacement of the cheap factory plastic fuel rail
  • Eliminates possibility of the fuel line popping off under load
  • Capable of delivering more flow to the injectors
  • Evenly distributes fuel across all three cylinders
  • Pairs well with upgraded injectors and fuel line
  • Able to safely run ethanol and race gas
  • Precision fitment thanks to 3D scanning and CAD construction methods
  • CNC machined -6AN fitting
  • Limited One-Year Warranty
  • Agency Power Offers a One-Year Warranty Against Defects or Failures
  • Product Warranties Are Available For Those Who Fill Out The Online Warranty Form HERE
  • Warranty is Available With Original Invoice Showing Purchase Date

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