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Can Am X3 Stock Fuel Line Billet Fuel Rail

Can Am X3 Stock Fuel Line Billet Fuel Rail

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The Can-Am Maverick X3 is known as one of the greatest side-by-side's to come out of the UTV market. Rotax did a phenomenal job with the 900cc ACE engine that produces 172-195HP right out of the box. While they do produce hefty power in their factory form, that is typically not enough for seekers of speed.

Agency Power released a billet aluminum fuel rail to permit better fuel flow and efficiently make more power without being limited by the fuel system. The stock fuel rail is made of plastic that tends to become brittle over many heat cycles and strenuous driving. When making serious horsepower, the fuel rail and fueling system is the first place you should start. The Agency Power billet fuel rail is brilliantly CNC machined from 6061 aluminum which means it can handle higher pressure and different fuel types.

With a billet aluminum construction, owners are fully capable of running ethanol or race gas in their machine, if the rest of the fuel system is rated for these fuels. By running ethanol or race gas in your Maverick X3 you are reducing pinging in the cylinder and preventing knock limitations. These fuels also have greater cooling properties inside the combustion chamber which help keep the overall engine temperature down

Upgrading the fuel rail will not only provide exceptional fuel flow to all three cylinders but will also lower the chances of a fuel leak and possible fire. It has been a common issue for the factory fuel line clip to pop off the fuel rail when making more power than stock. Agency Power fixes this issue by providing a precision CNC machined fitting which provides added security.


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • Billet CNC machined 6061 aluminum construction
  • Direct replacement of the factory plastic fuel rail
  • Capable of delivering more flow to the injectors
  • Evenly distributes fuel across all three cylinders
  • Pairs well with upgraded injectors
  • Able to safely run ethanol and race gas
  • Precision fitment thanks to 3D scanning and CAD construction methods
  • CNC machined factory fuel line connection
  • Limited One-Year Warranty
  • Agency Power Offers a One-Year Warranty Against Defects or Failures
  • Product Warranties Are Available For Those Who Fill Out The Online Warranty Form HERE
  • Warranty is Available With Original Invoice Showing Purchase Date

Can Am Maverick X3


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